The truth of life is that there is work! There is always work for everyone; there is no work only for cunning and lazy people. How can you make sure that those who need you find you and how to find a job quickly yourself. First of all, you must always remain humane, honest and conscientious. You also need to have a face! Your resume is your face! If they say that: “eyes are the mirror of the soul” - then a resume is a book of your personality, because your resume tells all your educational history, your life experience. If your resume is beautifully written, modern, and informative, then you will be the first person to be called to work.


The FindSolution website gives you the opportunity to always have a ready-made, beautifully designed and informative resume. Create your resume on FindSolution just once and then add and edit it when you need it. Having a resume on the site you get a lot of conveniences and advantages over other people!


    After you have registered and created your resume, you can edit or supplement it at your convenience, you can save it in *.pdf format on any device or print it. If you do not want the resume to be available to public viewing, you can simply disable it from the search.

    Having a resume, you can send it to any vacancy in one click. For your resume, there is also a category that matches your specialty. All employment agencies will be able to quickly find you by choosing the right category (your specialty). They will be able to save your resume in their personal account and contact you in real time via messenger if you are on the site.

    It is very important that your resume belongs to the correct category (your specialty) because the employment agency can set up an automatic search for employees and then the FindSolution system will automatically show your resume in the search results!

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