Stop running around different employment agencies, stop wasting personal time, energy and fuel. Now all you have to do is create a resume on, which will do the rest for you! FindSolution will automatically submit your candidacy for the job offer you are looking for as soon as it appears on the site and will immediately notify you by mail about which agencies your resume was sent to!

     In the first stage, you create your resume, fill it with personal data, indicate information about your experience, where you worked out, in what position, about your education, where you studied and what specialties you own, your knowledge of computers and languages. After creating a resume, it is advisable to choose a category for it that matches your specialty, so it will be easier for agencies to find you. How to create a resume, step by step

     At the second stage, you must specify the most accurate keywords that describe your specialty and indicate the city, zone in which you want to find a job and click the "Send automatically my resume to agencies" button.

     When you have done all this, you can safely go about your business! As soon as new vacancies appear on the site that suit your needs and in your zone, FindSolution will automatically immediately send your candidacy, your resume to the agency and notify you by e-mail about the work done!

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