On the one hand we have a good worker Massimo who needs a job. And on the other hand we have an employment agency that is looking for a good, punctual and intelligent person like Massimo. Massimo has his CV, but very tired of frequenting so many employment agencies, he is tired of wasting time and strength. Even the agency wastes time looking for good people like our Massimo. But how can you help both of them?

But not long ago, a true solution was born. Solution that helps save time and energy for both the employment agency and Massimo. The name of this solution is And how does help both of you, how does it make you meet?

Massimo stays at home with a cafe and opens registers and uploads his CV on the site in private air, after which above his CV he has uploaded he fills in a small form with keywords corresponding to his qualification and city where he is looking for work. He saves and goes do other ...

At the same time, or before, or after, the employment agency, which has been registered on, publishes its job offer. We imagine that this offer corresponds to Massimo's wishes. In this case FindSolution automatically and immediately sends Massimo's CV to this agency with an email notification. And Massimo, satisfied and happy that he doesn't drink wasting time for passages, remains sure that his candidacy will be considered with the agency, and the agency is happy that he is immediately finding personnel for his clients!

Time is money, save time - save money, and FindSolution helps you! FindSolution - created for everyone!

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