How to create a resume so that it is complete and beautiful. And how to submit your candidacy on the site using a resume

So, step by step...

1. Registration is possible in two ways, through the registration form or through social networks, such as facebook. Click on the ACCOUNT button in the upper right corner, the login/registration page will open.

2. Fill out the simple registration form

Register form

   - in the login field you need to enter your login on the site

   - enter your valid email address in the email field

   - in the password field, enter a password that you must remember.

Well, or just click on the icon of the social network

Social authorization

3. After successful registration, we get to the personal account of the site

Account incomplite

Now, in order to use all the functions of the site, we need to completely fill out our profile.

4. Click on the menu on the left on the button "Edit account" and go to the page to fill in our data

Page for insert user data

in this form, we must specify the first name, last name, phone number, select the type of account (if you are a simple user, then select an individual, otherwise, a legal person), write a few words about us and, lastly, upload a profile photo. Then click on the SAVE button

!!! Attention, none of the data from your profile will be displayed in any third-party resources. Your data is needed to confirm your true identity!

Great, now we can fully use the FindSolution website.

Now we can create our own beautiful and presentable resume, which we will then send as our candidacy for any job offers.

So let's get started. In the menu on the left, click on the "Portfolio" button and we go to the portfolio creation page.

1. We fill out the form with personal data, what kind of portfolio is it without personal data!

Portfolio form with personal date of user

From the very beginning, we must choose a beautiful photo of ourselves for the portfolio, then indicate the first name, last name, telephone number, postal address, date of birth, your identification code, indicate nationality, indicate the type of document on the basis of which you live in the country, and also indicate your valid address.

Next, we need to indicate whether you have rights, your marital status, if you live at an address different from the address of registration, this should also be indicated by ticking the box next to "I live at a different address" and ticking if you have your own transport

Portfolio patent

now it remains for us to indicate our interests and character traits, for often correctly indicated character traits help to choose you for a particular job

Personal haracters

Now we are ready to save our data.

Save portfolio

If you first check the box next to "Do not display portfolio in search", then it will be hidden from public access, but it will always be stored on the site and can be opened for search at any time. This can be useful when you have already found your dream job and don't want your resume to be found. Now we click on the "Save" button

After we have saved your resume, we can place it in the desired category

Portfolio category

2. Now we need to add your knowledge and experience, where you studied, what education and knowledge you received, where you managed to work, and you can additionally upload important documents (special diplomas, certificates, etc.). But let's go in order..

Let's start with education, add an educational institution, specify the terms of study and specialty


After filling out the form, click on the green plus in the upper right corner

In the same way, we must add our other knowledge and skills by filling out forms with knowledge of languages and knowledge of computer programs. If you do not have any knowledge, then it is not necessary to add.



Now we need to indicate our work experience, where we worked and for how long


Now we can download those documents that are important to you, but this is not necessary


OK it's all over Now! Now we have a full-fledged beautiful and presentable resume that we can send by email, download to our device in .pdf format, or send it inside the site. In addition, your personal page, the so-called online resume, is created, no less beautiful and presentable.

Our completed CV .pdf

Portfolio complite

As you noticed, two QR codes are generated in the left column. If you scan the first QR code "Send email", then the mail application will be launched to send an email to the author of the resume. If you scan the second QR code, you can open an online resume.

!!! Attention. Not a single function for creating, storing, downloading your resume on the site is paid!

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