When you need a good serious job with a normal schedule and a good salary, then we, as serious people, go to leave our resumes in various serious employment agencies. But what about when you need not just any job, but the one that suits you, the job from which you will enjoy and really work, then we will go not to one agency, but to several. Then FindSolution will come to your aid.


    The site contains serious agencies with their real job offers. All you need is to go through a very simple registration and create your resume. (ATTENTION! Further than the FindSolution site, your personal data will not go away) FindSolution is like a base uniting employment agencies with various professionals. When creating your resume, you can immediately place it in the appropriate category to make it easier to find. Employees of employment agencies will be able to view your resume, if necessary, download it in pdf format, you can also download your resume, so that later, send it by mail and more.


    When you are interested in any agency, they will contact you immediately via FS-messenger or by mail, or of course, by phone.


   Well, to make it even easier to find a dream job, in your personal account in the search form, specify as precise keywords as possible and FindSolution will automatically find you vacancies according to your requests.


    Isn't it helpful? Save your personal time: create a resume, place it in the right category, specify the most accurate search queries in your personal account and leave the rest to the FindSolution system!


None of the features are paid! Everything is made just for you!

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